Heavy Cut Compound Corrector 2.0 & Ultra Finish Polish Illumina 2.0

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The new polish cycle by Mafra

Let's see which steps and tests led to the creation of the new abrasive line by Mafra and their performance.

How can we obtain the best by Corrector 2.0?

Use it with a rotary polisher and a wool pad in order to obtain the best cutting. We can see that we have obtained a good finishing even using our wool pad.

How to best exploit Corrector 2.0 with the random orbital system.

With a random orbital system, for exploiting its cutting or finishing performances at the best, we recommend to make a spot test and choose among the 4 pads the most suitable for the surface to be treated.

The new Mafra Illumina 2.0 refinisher

This new refinishing polish distinguishes itself by having a medium polish cut and an extreme finishing. The ultra-finishing polishes are usually also composed of fillers that cover the defects obtaining a good gloss.

The best performance Corrector 2.0

Which are the performance of the Corrector 2.0 against its ancestor's one?

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